Crazy for advent calendars? Don’t miss out on early bird pricing!

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Hi Reader,

I’m just popping in to remind you that Jayme Ballard’s amazing, brand new Digital Advent Calendar Template is going up in price tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 10 am! 🎄

Do you love everything holiday related? Are you looking for some unique, super fun, festive themed products to create which will make a splash in your Etsy store? 🤶

As someone who usually goes back and forth when it comes to making a purchase, I bought this as soon as I saw it and can’t wait to create something totally exciting and different!

If you get excited about the idea of buying a new advent calendar every year, this fun, new product is one you wont want to miss! 🎅

With Jayme’s super cool template, you can easily create gorgeous Christmas holiday themed products without all the hassle.

This template is a super cute hybrid mashup between a digital planner and a digital journal. Inside you’ll find a calendar that recognizes the first 25 days of December leading up to Christmas. Each day is connected to a journaling page and a free gift (in the form of a digital download) for the user.

Create a countdown journaling digital advent calendar, a surprise advent calendar where each day, your customer can get a fun new digital surprise like a set of digital stickers, a digital notebook, or printable set.

Did you know that this template is completely customizable? Patterns, graphics, text, fonts, tab colors – right down to the stitching so you can create a design you absolutely LOVE!

🎅 What You’ll Receive: 🎅

🎄 Lifetime Access to All Content

🎄 Landscape Digital Planner Templates for Keynote and Affinity

🎄 Step-by-Step Video Instructions

🎄 Canva Templates – for marketing your digital advent calendars

🎄 Extended Commercial License – to sell your finished calendars

Designed to look and function just like a real paper planner or journal but made for your iPad or tablet. Open and use with a note-taking app like GoodNotes or Noteshelf. Planner tabs are clickable and take you to your desired page.

Jayme even gives you a list of different ideas on what you can give away. She’s got everything in there so you can get your advent calendar easily created and up in your shop this month so you’re ready for Christmas!

You’ll also get a whack of additional goodies such as access to her Facebook group and digital student hub. (Plus I’m offering a jolly good bonus so scroll down for that offer.)

Cool Lara hack: Remove all the festive accoutrements to create a fantastic lead magnet, membership challenge, or even an opt-in freebie. Create a promotional calendar that you can use all-year round to build excitement and connection with your clients/customers. 😻

During the launch, the calendar is at the introductory rate of only $49 but will be going up to $59 early tomorrow (Tuesday morning) so grab it at the early bird price which will never be this low again.

BONUS – If you purchase this bundle through my link, you’ll receive my Christmas Holi-YAY Mega Pack in your dashboard upon purchase. (Allow me a week to add that to bonus for you.) I’ll also throw in an EXTRA deluxe bonus from my bonus page!

Send me a message and let me know what you’d like! You can also save your bonus as mine do not have an expiry date. 💘 (If you have my holi-yay papers already, write me and choose another deluxe bonus.)

Happy Tales!

Lara xo

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