My Xmas Story: Why I’m banned from cooking turkeys + 3 new products available at launch pricing or free!

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Hi Reader,

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

To those that celebrate, how are the festivities going? Are you a) in the midst of the celebrations still? b) finished and feeling like a stuffed turkey? or c) laying low this season?

This year, we went with Option C and opted to go to a restaurant for Christmas dinner. We used to host holiday dinners at this time of year as well as Easter and Thanksgiving. I didn’t mind hosting, although to be fair, I don’t really cook other than to baste a ham.

I’d say I’m a decent cook but it’s not something I love to do. In fact I hate it. I’ve always been like this.

One time in my twenties, I decided I was going to cook a turkey in the microwave (insert facepalm here). To be fair, at that age, I thought the best use for my oven was to store dirty dishes. 🤣

The only issue with cooking a turkey in the microwave (other than the very idea of that in and of itself) was that I didn’t know if a turkey would actually fit.

Did I want to go all the way to a grocery store across Hell’s half acre in a place I seldom frequented (in a super not convenient location) and take a chance? What if it didn’t fit and I had to haul it all the way back and return it?

During this inner debate, my big, very plump tabby cat strolled across the living room floor and stood there looking at me. To give you some perspective…he weighed apx. 25 pounds – which was approximately the exact weight of the turkey I needed to buy.

Soooo…you can see where this is kinda going right?

I had to do it.

Yep. I put him in there. Just to see if he would fit, seeing as he was the exact size of a good sized turkey.

Well obviously I didn’t close the door or anything crazy like that. But I did check to see if he would be able to fit.

Also, it wasn’t like he needed to be crammed in either. Turns out he fit no problem and there was lots of room to spare. He was super curious to check out the space so it wasn’t traumatic for him. He was always a wildly curious cat who was always ready for adventure.

Heck, if there was some sort of comfy pillow, he would have curled up inside and made it his home. Thankfully this never happened seeing the microwave was sitting on top of my refrigerator and out of the way (and closed) for curious cats.

So long story short. I bought that frozen turkey and it fit perfectly in the microwave. I have no recollection of whether or not it was gross but I’m assuming it was. However, I don’t think I got around to cleaning the microwave after putting my cat inside.

So that is why, until this day, I’m still not allowed to cook a turkey in my household. 😆


If you didn’t already know this about me, three of my favorite things are cats, cookies and Christmas-time.

If you feel the same, check out my brand new Christmas Cookie Cats Collection: Volume 1 with MRR rights which I’m releasing today to celebrate Christmas!

This Clip Art collection comes with 12 pieces of individually pre-cropped stickers which will add a fun, festive spin and a touch of whimsy. Preview of all the individual thumbnails below.

These will retail for $17 but today, I’m launching this collection for a short time where you can pay what you wish (minimum $5.) Also, instead of commercial usage, I’m offering these to you as a reader only special and throwing in MRR usage – meaning you can use them as is. You do NOT have to make any changes.

You just can’t sell the graphics as is – ie: as clip art – but you can turn them into pre-cropped stickers, use them inside your planners, printables, etc.

At checkout, you’ll also have the option to add Volume 2 to your cart for only $5. (Also with MRR usage which is only available as a reader-only special.) Or you can grab them on their own at another time while it’s at launch pricing ($7) but only for a short stint so grab these cuties while you can.

Thumbnails below of each individually cropped image.

And don’t forget, if you missed my gift from my last email, you only have a day or so to grab my free 8.5 x 11″ illustrated watercolor image: “Snowy Day.” Just click on the photo below to go straight to the download page. No opt in required.

If you love this picture, it’s part of my Winter Joy Collection which I’m offering for a very short time for whatever you’d like to pay. (But the price will go up each day.) This 18 piece, 8.5 x 11 paper pack consists of of stunning photos of winter imagery which I turned into illustrative art. None of these images were made with an A.I. art generator. You can check out the individual thumbnails below. This offer expires ends when my next newsletter comes out.

Click the photo below to go directly to the sales page.


Here’s a bundle of products I purchase every year without fail.

Alessandro Zamboni has just released his Christmas Deals 2023 which includes every single one of the products he personally launched in 2023.

This includes:

+ ChatGPT Empire
+ AI Music Empire
+ AI Coloring Books Empire
+ ChatGPT Affiliates Empire
+ AI Stickers Empire
+ Backdrops Empire
+ AI Children Books Empire
+ Prompt Selling Empire
+ Self Publishing Empire
+ CashGPT Empire
+ Escape Rooms Empire
+ Faceless Tube Empire

At $17, this is truly a steal (and one of the reasons I haven’t promoted his offers in recent months.)

Since I’ve bought his Christmas Deals bundle over the last few years, I would not feel right promoting individual releases since I myself hold out until now to grab this deal.

Even if there’s only one or two courses that you can make use of, this is a no brainer deal. Plus, there are lots of interesting ideas and niches that might spark further ideas for you to pursue in 2024.

I’ve included all the OTO’s in the funnel below. The one I highly recommend is OTO1. If you’re interested in prompts, check out OTO 3 and 4, as well as his special add-ons if you’re a raving fan of everything Alessandro creates.

  • OTO1: These are all of the OTOs from each collection. $27
  • OTO2: These are all of the prompts Alessandro released with Paulo Gro. $37
  • OTO3: These are the prompt upsells released with Paulo Gro. $67.
  • OTO4: This is a series of Alessandro’s special offers and premium webinars. $47
  • OTO5: This is every collection included in every once of his previous Christmas Deals. $97.

Save $323.90 and grab all 12 courses for just $17 until December 30th.

BONUS – If you purchase Alessandro’s offer using my link, make sure you see my name “laramai” at the bottom of the checkout page where it says powered by Warrior Plus when you hover over the little person icon.

I’m going to give you my version of Alessandro’s Christmas Deals offer in the form of a very special bonus! Consider it “Lara’s Christmas Deals Bonus 2023.”

If you purchase the main offer, you’ll receive my
brand new 16 piece Christmas Angels collection (8 x 10.)
This is already waiting for you in your Warrior+ dashboard immediately upon purchase.

If you purchase OTO 1: you’ll immediately receive my gorgeous 80 piece collection of Christmas HoliYay papers. That’s four sets of 20 festive papers that are a combination of sparkly glitz and warm woody vibes.

If you purchase any of the upsells, for every $25 you spend, choose a deluxe bonus from my bonus page. If you spend over $49, you can change that to a deluxe bonus and grab a second deluxe bonus for every $49 after that. Remember, my bonuses do not have an expiry date and I will be updating that page soon.


Tonight, Becky’s 3rd annual 12 Days of Freebies Bundle comes to an end.

These freebies range in value from $7 to $297 so be sure to sign up by this evening. After that, you’ll have until January 31st, 2024 to download all your goodies.

My contribution is the Snowy Cardinal Watercolor Paper Pack.

This collection contains 18 images of a cardinal in the winter that I then turned into illustrative art. Perfect for creating covers, dividers, backgrounds and more.

Hurry, the last day to sign up for these free goodies is TONIGHT (December 25th!)


Carmen’s free 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway where she reveals a gift every day is currently underway. Have you signed up yet?

Do it quickly because every day after signing up, you’ll get access to the secret, daily gift from her Advent Calendar. All gifts are designed for printable sellers and only available on that one day it is featured.

Gifts include Canva PLR templates, Canva Mockup Templates, Colored Clipart, Coloring Packs, helpful Checklists/Guides and more to help your audience to create in-demand printable products to sell faster and easier.

Today she’s gifting you two gifts:

The first is a set of her brand new unreleased Panda Celebration Watercolor Clipart. The coloring pack comes with PLR Product License. Use them to create PLR products and printables for Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s Day.

The second gift is the Family Winter Cleaning Planner Template with PLR rights from Ida Delos Reyes of My Mommy Journey.

This gift is only available to download today on Christmas Day through 11:59pm PST only.

Use coupon code GIFT23 to order the gifts for free during the event. Today is the last day to take advantage of the daily free gift in her giveaway – and remember, each gift is only available for one day.

If you missed any of Carmen’s amazing free gifts, you still have time to grab all 18 of them for $27, which also includes a $25 coupon code to use in her PLR shop.

That’s only $2 for 12 days of gifts (plus bonus gifts!) That’s a no brainer if you want to make sure that you’re not missing out on any of the gifts

Hurry though, this deal ends tomorrow night (December 26th) at 11:59pm CST.

BONUS – If you buy Carmen’s Advent bundle, choose a deluxe bonus from my bonus page.


From now until December 24th, Simone and Di Heuser from PLR Planners will be offering a massive deal in their Christmas Advent $10 Sale Extravaganza.

Today, for Christmas Day and the last day of her sale, they are offering a special gift: the Life Purpose Workbook for absolutely free!

Designed for Print, Digital, Smartphone, and Kindle Scribe, this exclusive planner is your compass to discovering your life’s purpose and setting meaningful goals for the year ahead.

Inside, you’ll find:

Self-reflection exercises to gauge your current level of happiness.

Definitions of common values to help align your life choices.

Guided prompts to identify your unique life purpose.

Sections for introspection, life experiences, and valuable lessons.

Tools to define your vision for a purposeful life.

Goal-setting frameworks and actionable steps for the journey ahead.

But that’s not all! They are extending the joy by keeping access open to ALL of their Advent Specials for just $10 each until the 28th of December!.


Neha has a new item on sale in her store. I love all her products but this one I’m particularly obsessed with. Right now, she’s released the Ultimate Bucket List Tracker.

Perfect for all the things you want to get done in life and business!

Tired of forgetting all those amazing things you’ve always wanted to do? With this handy tracker, you can keep track of all your wildest dreams and turn them into a reality.

This incredible spreadsheet template is designed to cater to all your bucket list needs. Whether you’re looking for seasonal adventures, or a couple seeking unforgettable experiences together, we’ve got you covered!

From the solo adventurers to skydiving to learning how to play the new musical instrument, this template will help you stay organized and motivated on your journey towards accomplishing those once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

This comes pre-filled with lots of bucket list items, but as this is in Google Sheets format, you and your customers can easily customize it with your own bucket list in no time.

Normally $37, you can grab it for $15 until January 2nd at midnight.

BONUS – If you buy Neha’s planner, choose a regular bonus from my bonus page.


If you love pets, Becky Beach has a new training out for those who want to create and sell pet-themed printables.

Paw-fect Printables is a live workshop where Becky will show you how to create amazing pet-themed printables with have high monthly search volume. Learn how to create these printables using Canva and AI tools.

Keyword research and social media promotion are also covered during the workshop which will take place on Tuesday, January 9th, at 11 am CST.

The value of a live workshop is you can ask questions before and during the training. See how products are created in real-time without any video editing.

During this paws-on live workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Conduct keyword research the right way
  • Find trending pet-themed products that are selling NOW!
  • Create pet-themed products using both Canva and AI tools
  • How to promote your pet-themed products on social media
  • BONUS: New Year’s Printables Mastermind
  • BONUS: Visionary You commercial use workbook in Canva
  • BONUS: $20 off coupon for PLR on!

Right now, save $110 off the regular price by using coupon code PETS110, bringing the price down to $37 which is good until January 8th.

BONUS – If you grab Becky’s course, choose a deluxe bonus from my bonus page.


Jenn from has a brand new product in her store called the Anxiety Content Kit.

Anxiety can be crippling, but if you can provide even just one solution in this content kit, you can help your audience heal.

In this kit, you’ll find:

• 20 affirmations to add to a journal or provide to your audience
• 10 Canva templates that are fully customizable and free to use.
• A curated collection of 4 links to photos with a creative commons license.
• 3692 word blog post called “How To Manage Anxiety”
• 10 questions or prompts to help your audience know if it’s time to burn bridges and move forward
• 30 messages taken from the blog posts to share on your social media accounts.

Customize and tailor the content to align with your unique journey. The user-friendly Canva template makes it easy to edit and adapt the kit to resonate with your personal style and voice.

Right now, you can grab this kit (regularly $27) for $10 off using ANXIOUS10 until December 28th. Or join Jenn’s amazing Content Creator’s Library and download all the kits you can use for one low price.

BONUS – If you buy Jenn’s new kit, choose a regular bonus from my bonus page. If you opt for her Creator’s Library instead, choose a one-time deluxe bonus.


Jenn at Planning Addicts has a new workbook out called Taking Back Your Personal Power.

This transformative and customizable resource is designed to guide individuals on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and empowerment. Whether you’re a life coach, self-help author, therapist, or content creator, this PLR product provides the tools and insights needed to help individuals break free from self-limiting beliefs and embrace their inner strength.

This workbook equips you with practical tools to incorporate your personal empowerment journey seamlessly into your daily routine:

  • Reflect on your personal power
  • Cultivate self-belief and confidence
  • Track your progress and celebrate your personal growth

Right now, save 50% using Coupon Code MYPOWER (Reg price: $27)

This sale runs until December 27th.

BONUS – If you buy Jenn’s planner, choose a deluxe bonus from my bonus page.

YOU IN 2024

Jan Small has released a brand new product: The You 2.0 Smartphone Planner.

This planner, with PLR commercial rights, is ready to sell during the New Year New You planner buying frenzy on Etsy but is an evergreen product that can be sold all year round and for years to come.

The You 2.0 planner is designed to support those who want to change their lives and has sections on vision and values, goals, and habits for each area of life as well as trackers to help with motivation and progress, and as it’s always available on your phone it can be used on the go.

All sections are quickly accessible through tabs and indexes and customers can add extra pages to any section whenever they like.

The soft boho design is super popular in the self development niche but you can easily add your own design ideas to make your product unique or make a special version for different customers as instructions for how to alter the planner are included (41 page PDF).

Smartphone planners are hugely popular with those of us who don’t want to carry around a weighty paper planner or even an iPad, and they’re a popular niche on Etsy.

Get ready for the planner buying frenzy and add a Smartphone option to your store in as many different designs as you like.

You can easily add your own design ideas to make your product unique or make a special version for different customers as instructions for how to alter the planner are included (36 page PDF).

There’s a bump offer on the checkout page of 6 extra covers at $7. An upsell after purchase is of a seller’s pack for $7 to help sellers get the product to market quickly.

It includes an instruction booklet (in editable Canva template format) to create a PDF for customers, 10 product mockups in each of two formats (square and rectangular), 250+ relevant keywords, and a sample product description specifically written to sell this product.

The You 2.0 Smartphone Planner is just $17 during launch (regularly $37) no coupon code required. The sale ends on Tuesday, January 2nd (gulp. January!!!) at 11:59 PST.

BONUS – If you grab Jan’s new planner, choose a regular bonus from my bonus page. If you grab the upsell and bump, grab a deluxe bonus instead.


As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, Jenn and Lori from UsePLR are excited to offer you their Annual Business Audit Workbook at a whopping 60% off!

You and your audience can supercharge any business planning and strategy goals for the upcoming year with this invaluable resource.

Just use code ENDOFYEAR at checkout to unlock this fantastic deal.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer, valid until December 31st.


If you’ve been really interested in getting your online biz kickstarted, Angela Wills has decided to run a huge Holiday Class Sale on a bunch of her classes.

Right now, you can grab all 14 of them for $65.

Angela also is offering each and every one of these courses a la carte for $10 if you prefer to grab them individually.

The list of classes includes:

Endless Email Ideas
Outrageous Goalsetting
Find Anything Anywhere
Finish Strong
Write Emails Faster
The Welcome Setup for Email Marketing
Know Your Numbers
Genuine Email Marketing
ChatGPT for Authentic Emails
List Building for Everyone
Build Your List with Challenges
Build Your List with Bundle Events
Build Your List with Affiliate Program
Selling & Serving in Daily Emails

This sale is on until December 31st.

You can also join Email Practice Club for $20 a month and take advantage of all these courses for free. If you don’t want to be attached to a membership though, getting each class for $6.50 a pop is a no brainer.

BONUS – If you buy Angela’s bundle, choose two deluxe bonuses from my bonus page.


With so many freebies available right now around PLR, I found something a little different that I think would really make a difference if you’re relatively new to writing a newsletter, need help, or interested in starting one.

Liz Wilcox, the creator of Email Marketing Membership has a Mega Swipe File available for free and it includes:

– Welcome Sequence templates
– 3 newsletter templates
– 52 subject lines

Liz and I both use Convertkit and you can sign up for their free plan that’s good for your first 1,000 subscribers.

Being able to create landing pages, and instant products without a website that you can sell right away for absolutely free are HUGE benefits. Plus when it comes to writing newsletters, you can instantly resize photos and easily change buttons and colors.

I used the free plan for about eight months before upgrading to the Creator Plan so I could add automated sequences but you definitely don’t need that to start.

I’ve been in Liz’s group for the last two years and you won’t find a more reasonable priced membership with such hands on training and support.

PS. Rumor has it that Liz is gonna skyrocket to mega-stardom in early 2024 so you may want to join her membership just to say you were there when… Just sayin’.


I have a sweet gift available for a short time: My 20 piece “Sunflower Love” Paper Pack which you can get for free when you pick up Faith’s FREE Sunflowers Calendar 2024. 🌻

Yep! You’ll get her Sunflower planner AND my paper pack both for free. (I sell my images in my Etsy store for $10 with personal use (worth $200) but since you’ll be getting this with commercial usage, the value is more than $200.

Consider it my little reader-only gift to you! Faith has always been super generous with her time and resources (such as her low cost membership which you can read more about below) so it seems only fitting to add my companion pack.

Faith’s planner includes a total of 16 pages with planner covers, calendar 2024, and journal lined page.

You’re not just getting access to a useful planner, but after you sign up, Faith will be popping into your inbox with little mini trainings on customizing PLR, improving your design skills, marketing tips, and surprise products and trainings (even EXCLUSIVE ones!).

There’s also an exclusive Take Action design challenge for you with details sent to you via email on the third day after you sign up for the Sunflowers Calendar. Many of her enthusiastic community members have shared their creations in her Facebook group and received coupon codes from her.

If you’re interested in not only scoring a free planner but learning some new tips and taking action in her upcoming design challenge, sign up while you can.

And make sure to check out Faith’s course blowout and her low cost membership below.


Did you forget to send out Christmas Cards yet? It’s not too late! Stephie has the solution with her Holiday Sparkle: Canva Animated Cards for you last minute stragglers.

Get ready to sprinkle some sparkle on your holiday greetings with these super fun and unique Holiday Sparkle: Canva Animated Cards.

The festive season is approaching, and Stephie from the Happy Mom has answered the call to craft a unique way to share some magic, especially for the procrastinators!

This is a great product if you’re someone who forgot to get their Christmas cards in the mail. If you want to wow your family and friends with a wonderful, personalized card that you can email to them, you’ll look super thoughtful and ahem…not at all forgetful. (Plus it comes with PLR so you can turn around and sell it too!)

It’s the perfect solution for those:

  • Who wants to send wishes all around the world, but are on a budget,
  • Who recently realized they forgot someone from their list, but would rather skip making excuses,
  • Who are known to be the special individuals, but haven’t found yet how to make their mark this year!

This one-of-a-kind package is jingling all the way with:

  • 30 ANIMATED HOLIDAY CARDS Created In Canva, With Cover And Message Page, For A Total Of 60 Pages!
  • 3 Sizes: Virtual Postcards (5.5in X 4.25in), Instagram (1080px X 1080px, Facebook posts (940px X 788px).
  • Basic Animations (Canva free plan) and Extra Animations (Pro plan)
  • Private Label Rights Allowing You to Rebrand & Sell the Editable Templates to Your Customers!

BONUSES – If you purchase Stephie’s animated cards, make sure you see my name “laramai” at the bottom of the checkout page where it says powered by Warrior Plus when you hover over the little person icon. (If you’re still unsure of where that is, scroll down to the bottom of this newsletter. I have some screenshots to help you find it!)

Bonus 1: Choose a deluxe bonus from my bonus page.

Bonus 2: I’ll throw in my beautiful Bokeh Christmas Tree Vintage Paper Pack with commercial usage as an extra special companion bonus to add some shimmer and magic to your projects.

This HUGE collection contains a whopping 50 pieces of subtly nuanced holiday images which are bound to bring some extra Christmas sparkle to any project. Regular price for this is $27 – so you’ll essentially be getting Stephie’s product for free! This item is already waiting for you in your Warrior+ dashboard. 🎄


Faith Lee is running an End Of Year Sale on 22 of her courses with up to 70% off.

Faith teaches the systems and methods that she uses herself to run a very successful business and her courses are easy to follow even if you’re just starting out.

There are courses on anything you can think of when it comes to starting a specific thing.

If you have any interest in the following:

Starting an Etsy store: Check out Sell Printables on Etsy in a Weekend.

Getting into bundles: Bundle Contributions 101

How to create Digital planners: Digital Planners Masterclass

How to get started writing a newsletter: Email Marketing 101

How to get more views in your newsletter: 7 Surefire Ways to Increase Subscriber Engagement

How to create pretty printables: Digital Papers Masterclass

How to get started with Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing 101 Workshop

I think I own almost every single product of Faith’s – and I didn’t get up to 70% off on them, so take advantage of the coupons on the sales page while you can to score some huge deals.

This offer runs until December 31st.

BONUS – For every $25 you spend after coupons are applied and before taxes, choose a regular bonus from my bonus page. If you spend over $49, you can change that to a deluxe bonus and grab a second deluxe bonus for every $49 after that.

If you enjoy Faith’s products and courses, you really need to join me in her no-brainer $9.00 Monthly Membership, Do It With Faith.

In this value-packed, low-cost membership, you’ll receive instant access to: Accountability, Resources, Trainings, Promotion Opportunities and more.

All of this for $9.00 a month or $108 for the entire year where you receive:

  • Weekly check-ins via email for accountability so you learn from the trainings or use the templates to create something new every week.
  • Access to a library of tutorials and bonus trainings that will help you hone your design skills, improve your efficiency in customizing PLR templates, and learning about various aspects of running an online business.
  • Monthly surprise bonus product: a PLR product, Canva Template or one of Faith’s smaller courses worth up to $67 every month.
  • Monthly exclusive “Do It With Faith” 30-minute trainings where Faith will share with you some design and PLR customization tips or business development tips.
  • Active members will be selected weekly and be allowed to promote their new products/services on Faith’s Facebook group of 3000 members.
  • Monthly Featured Partner content hand-picked by Faith to provide you with additional trainings and resources that will complement Faith’s expertise. (She already has Featured Partners lined up until April 2024 who will teach you on KDP, online accessibility, creating spreadsheets to sell, using Trello to organize your business, and more!)
  • Monthly Office Hours with Faith where you get to pick Faith’s brain and ask her all of your business-related questions. The zoom session will run from 9 AM to 10 AM ET every second Wednesday for the month. Only pre-submitted questions will be answered. Replays will be made available in your ThriveCart account 3 business days after the ‘live’ session.

BONUS – If you sign up for the monthly option for Faith’s Easy Access Pass, instead of a regular bonus, choose a one-time deluxe bonus.


MaryJo also has a gift to share with you. It’s her brand new, super cute 2024 Resolutions Template Pack which comes with commercial rights.

Use any or all 12 of the designs included to sell or give away to your audience this holiday season.

They include:

  • Looking Ahead
  • 2024 Goals
  • New Year Resolutions
  • 2024 Life Goals
  • Word of the Month
  • Try, Visit, Learn
  • Letting Go
  • 2024 Resolutions
  • This Year…
  • 2024 Ideas
  • 24 in 24 to Accomplish
  • 2024 Bucket List

All of this is fully editable with a free Canva account and available in A4 and US Letter sizes.


Katherine’s newest kit has arrived in the Limitless Design Kits Monthly Membership.

This month’s theme is a versatile Party Time Design Kit! Whether you’re designing invitations for a birthday bash, creating eye-catching banners for a special event, profitable print-on-demand group products, or just want to add a pop of party energy to your printables, this design kit has you covered.

With all the latest concerns over copyright, usage rights, and outsourcing art from questionable sources, a few members have asked if she makes the graphics in her kits. The answer is YES, she personally illustrates/draws/paints the graphics.

All of her personal hand-drawn or painted illustrations and high-resolution elements can be used to create PLR, digital products, physical products, and TEMPLATES (to name a few) which is MUCH MORE than any typical commercial use license.

Along with the individual elements, she’s also included a few different types of graphics to help you create scenes.

These design kits are only available for one month inside the membership so you have until the 14th to pick these up. Katherine will then be offering them for sale at the current regular price of $97.

You’ll automatically receive $482 worth of bonuses that come with MRR rights, meaning you can turn these kits around and not only sell them commercially, but as PLR without restrictions!

MRR or master resell rights means you can sell these items commercially to others who can also sell them commercially. Normally, with PLR, you can sell them to others for personal use only.

This means you can use these products to create your very own PLR. It’s also perfect if you’ve been wanting to get into a bundle but don’t have a creative bone in your body and aren’t sure what you would be able to offer with PLR rights – now you’ll be able to thanks to Katherine’s gorgeous resources.

Best of all, you can use these elements without fear of infringing on someone’s license, which is much more generous than a standard commercial use license, and use them for to create PLR digital products, physical products, and templates (to name a few)
– and yes, even stickers!

Check out everything you get on the sales page. This kit will be available at the discounted price of $27 until January 14th.

BONUS – If you purchase Katherine’s kit choose a one-time regular bonus from my bonus page.


Melody from PLR of the Month Club must be eating her Wheaties as she has a new 2024 Dream Journal available in both print and digital for $10.

She confessed that she ticked the wrong box because this went live on W+ ahead of her planned launch date so her mistake is your gain.

This is seriously stunning and it comes with commercial usage! And make sure to check out my bonus below as it’s worth more than what Mel is selling her planner for!

Also, Mel has her Zodiac planner available as an upsell for $10! Since I already included a bonus for that in a previous newsletter, you’ll automatically receive that as well if you choose to grab that as well. See bonus deets below!

BONUS – If you buy Mel’s new planner, (make sure you see my name “laramai” at the bottom of the checkout page where it says powered by Warrior Plus when you hover over the little person icon) I’ll throw in this brand new Shimmering Stars collection as a companion bonus to add some dreamy notes to your projects!

This collection in 12 X 12 repeating pattern comes with full commercial usage. (A value of more than $120!) This is already waiting for you in your Warrior+ dashboard.

Here is a preview of the image below.

And if you purchase Mel’s upsell (OTO2) which is her Zodiac Planner, you’ll receive this 8 piece set of Crystal Galaxy Flowers in 8 x 10″ format (a value of $80!).

Oops! If you previously the Zodiac Planner previously – I just realized that the link I included before didn’t save so it wasn’t waiting for you as promised. Originally I had the offer as getting the first set of 4 images if you bought the planner, and the next four if you bought the upsell, but because of my mistake, I’ll be including all 8 if you previously bought the planner. This should be waiting for you by tomorrow. (For the original offer or if you buy it as an upsell.)


Melissa has just come out with the brand new Ultimate Bullet Journal Planner which comes with master resale rights.

If you’re ready ready to sprinkle some extra sparkle on 2024, this huge, 137 page planner is sure to light up your year with color, creativity, and a dash of entrepreneurial magic.​

Why You’ll Adore This Planner:

Five Fabulous Covers: Your style, your choice. Pick a cover that screams ‘you’!

137 Pages of Pure Fun: Every page is a new adventure, from daily doodles to monthly musings.

Monthly Marvels: Themed pages for every mood – plan, track, and treasure each day.

Dazzling Designs: Boring planners? Not here! Our pages are a party for your pen.

All About You: Habit trackers, mood meters, and memory keepers. It’s personal growth with a twist!

🚀 PLUS Boost Your Biz with Master Resell Rights (MRR):

Guess what? This planner isn’t just a personal treat; it’s your next big business hit! With MRR, you can share the joy by selling this planner in your own shop. It’s a ready-to-rock product that your customers will love.

Your Business Bonanza:

· Sell It Like It’s Hot: Add this hot ticket item to your store with zero hassle.

· Cash In On Creativity: Tap into the planner passion and watch your profits soar.

· Easy-Peasy Selling: Melissa’s crafted the masterpiece; you get to brand it and boast!

​This planner isn’t just a bunch of pages; it’s a celebration of life’s little wonders. It’s about making each day a bit brighter, your dreams a bit closer, and your business a bit bouncier.

Make sure you check out the lookbook on the sales page to see the entire Bujo Planner

BONUS – If you grab Melissa’s Bullet Journal, choose a deluxe bonus from my bonus page.


Chelsea from PLR Friends has a new product out called The “No Spend Challenge” Canva Templates which gives you everything needed to provide a structured no spend/no buy challenge!

These type of challenges are becoming popular with people looking to improve their spending habits.

This 31 page Canva template bundle will guide you and/or your customers through planning challenges, setting up rules, lists of what they can and can’t buy, as well as tips on how to succeed.

These are simple to edit in Canva with graphics that are hand-drawn.

Get it for only $12 with code CHALLENGE12 (Reg. $24)

At checkout, you’ll also see an offer to add Chelsea’s Savings & Debt Payoff Trackers for $10 (Reg. $29)

The sale is good through Dec. 31st.


If you’re trying to ditch your high priced Adobe subscription, Jayne at Willingale has just relaunched her course, My Affinity Progress – Designer Mastery.

This guide is a one-stop solution where Jan shows you her step-by-step process of mastering Affinity Designer, an award-winning software that consolidates all design tasks.

If you’ve been relying on free tools and their limitations, now you can finally start creating professional-quality designs with just one program.

Regardless of your experience level, this guide will equip you with the skills you need to create stunning graphics, covers, and books.

Elevate your design skills and streamline your workflow.

Includes: Over 58 concise instructional videos – 6 modules covering everything from basic layout to complex project implementation – Designed for creating professional-quality graphics, covers, and books.

Launch price is $47.

BONUS – Choose two deluxe bonuses from from my bonus page.

*Note: There was an issue with some of the links in my Dec 5th newsletter where this post was first offered so don’t use those prior links if you were interested in purchasing and receiving a bonus. The ones below are now fixed.

Due to needing to find a better work/life balance, Catherine at Printables Academy (formerly Content Accelerators) is having a Course Retirement Sale on all her excellent courses.

If you’ve ever wanted to make the break from Adobe’s high monthly fees, grab these courses while you can because they will not be available after this month.

Catherine is a college teacher by day which makes total sense as she is highly lauded for her excellent Affinity training. I can’t think of anyone who has better training on Affinity, and her teaching style is laid back and easy to understand.

All her courses are well designed to take you from beginner to intermediate skills, step by step. She blends learning different aspects of the software with creating practical projects so you can learn by doing. Since all of her courses are geared towards printable and low content book creators, she focuses on the features of Affinity most useful to her students.

Most of these courses were originally released between 2020-22 and were filmed in Affinity V1. If you have Affinity V2, there may be a few differences in the software but Catherine is keeping her student Facebook Group open if you need help.

Right now, she’s offering 65% off any and all of her courses until 12/29. You can also purchase access to every single one of her courses for a one time fee. Discounts apply to the all-access option as well.

You can view all her courses by clicking the button below but some notables that stood out:

Affinity Content Creators 4-Course Bundle: This includes 4 amazing Affinity courses for only $38.15 (reg. $109) which you can also purchase separately.

Catherine is also offering a one-time All Access Option, which is a STEAL as it offers access to ALL her courses! Regularly $147, you can grab this now for $51.45 using code: RETIRE23. (Note, it says this is a membership but you will only be charged once and it will not be recurring.)

You also don’t have to worry about losing access to your courses as her site isn’t going anywhere and she’ll be continue to create ​blog posts​ and ​YouTube tutorials when she has time.

Use coupon code: RETIRE23 to take 65% off on al her products until December 29th

Check out all the courses on her page and make sure you take advantage while you can as you will no longer be able to purchase these products after that date.

BONUS – If you purchase Catherine’s All Access Option, choose two deluxe bonuses from my bonus page. If you prefer to pick whatever you like, for every $25 you spend after coupons are applied and before taxes, you can choose a regular bonus If you spend over $49, you can change that to a deluxe bonus and grab additional deluxe bonus for every $50 after that.


Melanie Dougherty has just announced her new content for December in her Club Pin membership.

This is an awesome membership and easy on the wallet at $10 a month. For December, you’ll receive:

  • PLR Product – Appointment Book / Planner – with pages for Contacts, Schedule Notes & Reminders, Expenses and Tax Prep. Market to small business owners, spas, hair stylists, tattoo artists, etc. *Daily Schedule in 15 minute increments…
  • 2000px by 2000px Square Product Mockups/Listing Images
  • 1000px by 1500px Pinterest Pins
  • Walk through of how to customize, add brand colors, edit text

Join now and you’ll also receive November’s goodies as well which include:

  • PLR Product – Increase Focus, Concentration & Productivity – 12 page fully customizable Canva Template – Guided Journal meets Workbook meets Planner
  • Product Designed to allow members to sell individual pages, smaller groups of pages, or 12 page set
  • 2000px by 2000px Square Product Mockups/Listing Images
  • 1000px by 1500px Pinterest Pins
  • Walk through of how to customize, add brand colors, edit text

All this for just $10 and comes with commercial usage! We’re talking super great value!

BONUS – For the month of December, if you grab Mel’s membership, instead of a regular bonus, choose a deluxe bonus from my bonus page.


My friend Melanie’s Black Friday 2023 Deal has decided to hold over her sale for now.

She’s bundled up eight of her most popular “Club Packs” into one deal.

Club Packs are previous monthly drops from her Club Pin monthly membership. The club members have exclusive access for one month, and then the items, called a “CLUB PACK” go into her BittySpireLife PLR shop for a price of $37 each. *This means that if you’ve ever been a Club Pin member, you may own some, if not all, of these packs, depending on how long you’ve been a member.

Right now, you can grab a bundle of eight Club Packs for just $47.

The majority of the Club Packs consist of two PLR Products + Coordinated Sales Images/Mockups + Coordinated Pinterest Pins. That means you’ll receive 16 PLR Products + all the Coordinated Pins and Square Mockups for one low price.

​These packs come as a bundle together. No substitutions.

This 8 pack set consists of the following PLR products:

1. Manifestation Guided Journal Meets Notebook with Manifestation Prompts Extension Pack

2. Mindset Workbook meets Journal with Grownup Milestones Journal

3. Anger and Frustration Journal, two totally different designed versions

4. Anxiety-Stress-Panic Relief Workbook with Printable Positive Affirmation Cards

5. Resolutions Planner – two totally different versions

6. Calendar and Planner Pages (12 Monthly Habit Trackers + 12 Weekly Planner Pages + 12 Monthly Undated Calendars) all with shared monthly themed design

7. Money Manifestation Guided Journal meets Notebook and Finance Planner

8. Focus, Concentration and Productivity Workbook meets Journal

The $47 represents a savings of 84% and breaks each Club Pack down to just $5.88!

No Coupon Code Needed! Hurry to grab this one if it’s still on sale as the deal was supposed to end on December 1st.

BONUS – If you grab Mel’s Club pack, choose two deluxe bonuses from my bonus page.


The Self Publishing Titans Black Friday deal on their Everything Bundle, is going away soon. This is a huge, new set of tools to their website in the form of the if you’re super serious about upping your KDP game in 2024, this comes stuffed with all the tools you could possibly ever need to succeed in 2024 and beyond!

They’ve included a video of their new tools so make sure you check it out!

The bundle includes:

1) Titan Retro Vision: This will be a reverse ASIN research tool. Many of you have asked for a tool like this to have an affordable alternative to what is currently available. They’ve figured out how to make this a reality and it’s going to be a game changer.

2) Titan Deep View: This will be similar to Titans Quick View but instead of only analyzing the first page results, it will show you the first 100 product results for any search. There are a few similar tools out there, but what makes their tool unique is that it not only works for Amazon USA but on every single Amazon marketplace worldwide! You’ll also notice how much much faster speeds their tool is compared to other options out there.

3) Titan Product Tracking: This will allow you to track either your products or competitors products. Track rankings, review count, rating score, price. You’ll also have a long-running chart of all key metrics. What makes this tool great, is that you will be able to track more products than most other tools, which is once again much more affordable in comparison.

4) Titan Keyword Tracking: Track keyword rankings for any product on Amazon and see how it is performing and if it is ranking for a specific ASIN.

5) Digital Titans Designer: This special tool is perfect for creating custom fonts and cool designs for KDP, Print on Demand Merch, Etsy etc. They’ve also found one lacking feature in Canva which they’ve found a solution for!

Again, make sure you check out Corvin’s thorough video which walks you through all the features so you can decide whether these tools are right for you.

BONUS – If you grab the Everything Bundle, using my link, send your invoice to me and choose between either of the following options (or feel free to mix and match a bit of both!)

BONUS 1 – Choose six deluxe bonuses from my bonus page. Send your invoice for this one. For split payment option, send the invoice my way and I will send you your bonuses after both payments have cleared.

BONUS 2 – Book TWO 40 minute intuitive Pick My Brain Session to brainstorm your next big business idea.

I’ve helped many business owners with ideas on how to make money quickly so be sure to check out my about page and testimonials here.

NEW! If you don’t want a “pick my brain” session, I can walk you through how to use my A.I. software generator to create anything you’d love to make using my time-proven methods. That’s a HUGE value right there for custom branding + one on one support! Note, there are some exceptions that the generator doesn’t do well so if you want to write me beforehand to ask about what you’d like to create, feel free to drop me a separate email with the subject line “Coaching Bonus.”

These sessions will commence in January. If you need advice sooner, I can send you my responses over an email and/or a video recording. I am currently not accepting client work so bonuses are your only opportunity to work with me. However, if you don’t want this bonus, you can choose 4 of my higher end paper packs featured in my newsletter. If you need help choosing, drop me a line.


One of my favorite content creators (and all around amazing humans), Michelle Rohr, has kicked off her Holiday Sale on some of her most popular programs, courses and templates.

If you’re familiar with Michelle, you know that it’s not that often that she offers sales so when they drop, it’s a fantastic time to stock up.

Michelle has exquisite taste and her Canva templates and mockups are by far my favorites out of anything out there. They’re gorgeous! Plus, they save so much time.

Here are some of the products worth checking out:

Passive Income Planner Girl This is THE course that started my printable journey which I HIGHLY recommend above everything else! This isn’t just a course. It’s about finding your zone of genius and the thing that lights you up inside and brings you joy. HUGE mindset shifts! I cannot say enough good things about this life-changing course which is currently 50% off!

Digital Planner Template Kit – Want to make gorgeous digital planners that you can quickly turn around and sell in your shop but don’t want to tear your hear out from learning how to make them from scratch? Use this gorgeous template kit that comes in both Apple (Keynote) AND Windows (Affinity)!

The Canva Template KitAre you a Canva all-the-way girl? Then run and snatch up over 292 Canva templates designed specifically for people who want to start and build a business selling printable planners super fast!

Release & Reclaim A 30 day decluttering program to help you step into the next chapter of your life.

Design Your Own Digital Magazine – As a magazine writer and junkie, I’m obsessed with Michelle’s magazine and hoard each issue like Gollum. She’ll show you how you can easily create your very own digital magazine in Canva to create a raving fanbase, repurpose content, and sell your offers in a fun, creative way.

The Pretty Email Kit – If you’re an online business owners looking to create beautiful, eye-catching emails that will stop readers cold, this is a game-changer.

Browse them all during the sale and enjoy up to 50% off for a limited time.

I haven’t outlined every single product Michelle is offering below but if you there’s something you’re interested in which isn’t listed, you’ll receive a bonus based on similar pricing noted below. Feel free to write me with any questions of course!

If you purchase through my link (make sure laramai is shown at the very bottom of the checkout page.)

BONUS OPTION 1 Release & Reclaim, The Pretty Email Kit, or The Canva Template Kit choose a deluxe bonus from my bonus page. You can also save your bonuses for upcoming collections. My bonuses do not have an expiry date.

BONUS OPTION 2: If you purchase The Digital Planner Template Kit or Design Your Own Digital Magazine choose two deluxe bonuses.

BONUS OPTION 3: If you purchase Passive Income Planner Girl (and pay in full), choose four deluxe bonuses.

You will also receive
my never released 24 piece collection of 8 x 10′ images:

8 pieces of my never released set of Japanese style art boho prints in 8 x 10 with MRR rights.

8 pieces of my never released set of Japanese style peonies in 8 x 10 with MRR rights.

8 pieces of my never released set of watercolor art poppies in 8 x 10 (with MRR rights.)

If you have this set already, write me and I’ll find something else that you’ll love, or choose two additional bonuses.

I usually sell images individually in my
Etsy store for a minimum of $10 (CAD) with personal use. (A value of $200.) However, I’m giving these to you with MRR rights, so the value is significantly more as you can use these without having to change any elements. You just can’t sell the templates.

These images have yet to be released anywhere but I’ll only be offering them with personal or commercial use at that time. Please write me to claim your bonus.

If you spend over $49, you can change that to a deluxe bonus and grab a second deluxe bonus for every $49 after that..


Creative Fabrica’s biggest sale on their All Access Pass is back for a short time. If you missed the chance to grab this deal, now is the time.

Right now, pay just $47 for a whole year of All Access – normal price is $348! That’s $3.99 a month!

Gain entry to 14 million+ digital assets, paired with unlimited access to Studio’s premium content & features! Commercial License included.

Already have a Yearly All Access Subscription?

Right now, you can extend your current subscription for $47! ie: Instead of your renewal happening in 2024, it will take place in 2025!

This membership can be purchased multiple times which means you can lock in your renewal date until 2030 to ensure you secure the BIGGEST discount and that these prices will never increase!

If you don’t want the pass, you can also purchase over 14 million+ fonts, graphics and more at 90% off for a limited time.


Check out my bonus page here. My bonuses do not have an expiry. I have been working on updating my bonus page (December 5th, 2023) so look forward to that soon.

Update regarding bonuses

I’ve been having a few issues lately around receiving commissions so if you want to ensure that you buy through my links and receive your bonuses, please make sure to make your purchases on a desktop.

Apple does not allow for link tracking and there is a good chance that I will not get credited for the sale. It’s also a good policy to click my link and purchase right away because if you decide to do so later, and you’re browsing other sites, or checking out other emails, you may accidentally click on someone else’s offer unknowingly so they’ll get credit for a sale and if you don’t know who that person is, they might not have a bonus for you.

For Thrivecart purchases: Make sure you see my name laramai at the bottom of the checkout page under affiliate as shown in the photo below. As there are many templates used in Thrivecart, the field might look different than the photo below but the name will appear somewhere at the very bottom of the page underneath the cart.

For Warrior+ purchases: Make sure you see my name “laramai” at the bottom of the checkout page where it says powered by Warrior Plus


If you’re interested in learning how I use totally free and/or cheap tools to create AI generated images like the ones you see in the book above as well as my the bonuses you’ve seen lately as well as my newsletter banner photos, click here or the photo above. (Note: clicking this link won’t take you anywhere. It just records your interest so I can make sure to notify you if and when this course becomes available – and offer it to you at the lowest price.)

Don’t forget I’m still taking a poll to find out if there is interest in learning about how I created my initial tripwire landing page using entirely free tools. Click here if you want to learn more about that training.

Fantastic Monthly Memberships to Grow Your Biz:

Most of these memberships qualify for a bonus so check out the Bonus Key below!
To claim your bonus, please email me at with BONUS in the subject line.

Amy (Fruitful Freelancing) Low Content Intel Subscription – $19.95 mo/$195 yearly. (B/BZ30)

Angela Wills’ Email Practice Club – $20 (founding rate!)/$200 yearly. (B/BZ30**)

Becky (PLR Beach) Business Beach Club Member and Pro Member – $29 or 99/month (DB/BZ30)

D’vorah (Share Your Brilliance) Content Creation Club – $27/month (See above for deets!) (B)

Faith (Faith’s Biz Academy) Canva Templates Vault$9/month ($197 one-time fee) (BZ40)

Gabby (Cup of Zen) Spirit Animals Monthly Membership – $15/month

Jenn Brockman’s Content Creator’s Library $37/month (DB) or $162 for 6 months. (BZ20)

Julie Hall’s KDP Creators Clu, $37/month (DB)

Katherine (Oasis Lane) Limitless Design Kits Membership $27/month (See above for deets!) (DB)

Liz Wilcox Email Marketing Membership $9/month

Melanie (Bittyspire) Club Pin $10/month (See above for deets!) (B)

Melissa Rezza Cookie Jar – $24/mo (B)

Melody (PLR of the Month) Kitchen Sink PLUS $27/month (B)

Michelle Rohr (Secret Owl Society) – Say Yes to Desire (formerly) Planner Girl Insider’s Membership : $300 lifetime fee or $50 x 6 months. (BZ30 for one-time payment)

Mim Jenkinson’s Create + Co-Work Club – $19/month (B)

Ruth Poundwhite – The Soulful Sales Society – $29/month (B)

Sue (Createful Journals) Monthly Inspiration Templates & Journal Prompts $7/month

Sue (Createful Journals) Pretty Printables Club $10/month


B – A regular bonus from my bonus page.
DB – A deluxe bonus from my
bonus page.
BZ20 – A 20 minute Intuitive Business Coaching Session* (*Check out my testimonials here or here.)
BZ30 – A
30 minute Intuitive Business Coaching Session*
BZ40 – A
40 minute Intuitive Business Coaching Session*
BZ60 – A
60 minute Intuitive Business Coaching Session* ($300 flat fee option)

*All bonuses are one-time and not recurring.
**Please allow for payment to clear for any memberships that offer a refund policy. (ie: Angela Wills.)

Thanks so much for being part of my list. I’ll be back soon with more great offers, stories and special gifts just for you.

Happy Tales!

Lara xo

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My Favorite Biz Tools

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