Pick My Brain session – 60 Minutes


A one-on-one intuitive brainstorming session to help you achieve clarity with anything you’re stuck on.



As an award-winning TV producer, freelancer writer, and empath who is also Reiki II attuned, this could include finding your purpose, help with a business idea, or getting clear on goals. No topic is off-limits. This 60 minute, swiss army knife of a session can also cover topics ranging from:

★ A one-on-one intuitive business session to go over branding, media, sales strategies, mindset and finding your purpose.
★ How to interview anyone, anytime, on the fly, without notes or prep.
★ How to be confident as a guest for podcasts and speaking engagements.

★ Working one-on-one with you to provide immediate feedback on your writing, blog posts and/or business ideas.
★ Doing a live audit on videos that require a media-trained professional’s expertise.
★ How to get started writing a newsletter, creating printables,
★ My formula for starting an online business and the tools and strategies I employ which grew my list to over 2,500 subscribers in less than two months.


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