Energetic Maintenance – 1 Hour Session


Energetic support for empaths,introverts and highly sensitives.



Are you an introvert? In normal times, do you prefer chilling out at home with a good book or your favorite Netflix show rather than going out to parties? Does the idea of going into a public place or a social function give you the willies?
As an empath, you might realize the following things about yourself:

★ You can be quiet and introverted but loud and talkative amongst the right type of people.

★ You’re fine in a group setting as long as they’re people you know, like and trust.

★ You’re great at reading people and can instantly tell if they’re lying or don’t have your best interest at heart

As an empath, introvert and/or highly sensitive person, picking up on other’s feelings is just something you’re naturally able to do. But did you know that empaths are prone to depression, anxiety and sleep issues and need to put special practices in place to protect themselves? Empaths are highly sensitive and can be affected by other people’s thoughts, emotions and feelings. If you’ve ever suddenly felt pressure in your chest or a tightness in your throat, you may need to protect your energetic field.

★ Have you ever had people scream at you in public places for no reason at all?

★ Felt unwell after posting on social media?

★ Become angry, fearful or upset for no particular reason and/or thought you were having a panic attack when you’re in a public place?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, chances are you need to protect your energy field. In these crazy times, self-care is all the rage, yet protecting your energy body is one of the most vital aspects of our health that most people aren’t even aware they need to attend to.

When you book a session with me, I will give you the tools and techniques that have taken me years to develop, implement, and master. As a Reiki II attuned empath and highly sensitive person, I will teach you how to bulletproof your energy body, your home as well as your loved ones. I’ll also provide tips to implement before going to sleep when the body is at its most vulnerable state. You would never dream of leaving your door unlocked at night. The same applies to leaving your energy field wide open when you’re asleep.

Book a call with me and let’s start protecting your energy so you can feel better, sleep more soundly and live your best life.

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